PC won't shutdown before u manually kill task proquota.exe


  • Hello

    When I try to shutdown the PC ( Win XP ) with START -> SHUTDOWN , nothing happens.

    But if I open the task manager and kill the process named proquota.exe and then go to start -> shutdown again, it will shutdown with no problem. I want to be able to shutdown the pc without killing the process manually. I work in a company with 350 employees ( 350PC's), and the proquota is pushed by the Group Policy.

    The profile space should not be a problem, because even if a PC is freshly started, it won't shutdown ( without killing proquota first of course). Actually this happens on 2 PC's in the company, the rest of 350PC's have no problem with that ( all are running proquota.exe ). 

    Please help me out.


    2012년 6월 11일 월요일 오전 7:43