UocDropDownList does not display values when containing international characters


  • Hi,

    I have a dropdown Control in the FIM portal where the values specified in the attribute regular expression validation contains international characters. For example ^(Administratör|Förman|Säkerhetschef)?$

    When selecting this dropdown in the portal it gets empty. If I modify the validation to ^(Administrator|Forman|Sakerhetschef)?$ the Control renders correctly an displays the values. I get the same behavour when values contains other chars like ( or ).

    Is it possible to get around this limitation or is this by design? I have seen some other threads about using a custom resource type to solve limitation with large dropdowns containing many values. I guess that could be a solution around this as well if the identity picker Control can handle objects with international chars. But Before I go for that solution I thought I seek a simpler one if it exists.



    2013년 8월 5일 월요일 오후 8:03


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