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  • 원격데스크톱 연결은 전에 몇번 성공했었는데 아예 되지를 않네요... wol하는 방법을 인터넷찾으며 따라해보다가 원격을 연결하려니 아예 되지를 않더라고요.....그거 때문일까요ㅠㅠ
    2018년 10월 2일 화요일 오후 12:27

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    "Case 1: The terminal server is running an application that using the same port as the TS.

    Case 2: The server comes with two NICs and each of them has default gateway. That messes the routing table. No computer should have two default gates.

    Case 3: The client has XP\Win 7 as Remote Host with DHCP setup. The remote client may receive this error when the Remote host IP changes.

    Case 4: I had this problem when I moved a server from a location to another.
    My 2003 server has got two NIC and I used one for the first location and the
    other for the second location. When I tried to connect with RDP to this server I found this problem. Looking for a solution in Terminal Services Configuration, I've founded it by authorizing the second Nic to be used for RDP.

    Case 5: Some software may changes the port #. You can disable the antivirus software and change the port to 3389 to see whether the issue still exists."

    2018년 10월 5일 금요일 오전 12:34