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  • 기존에 이용중에 문제가 없던 odbc 가 갑자기 아래와 관련한 에러가 나옵니다.

    관련하여 odbc드라이브를 이용중인 기타 cs 프로그램들도 당연히 같은 에러메시지가 나오구요.

    os xp pro sp3  이용중이며 MDAC_TYP2.7SP1.exe 재설치도 진행해보아도 같은 에러가 나옵니다.

    관련하여 해결에 도움이 될만한 내용에 대하여 조언 구합니다.

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    The first thing to check would be to see if the if the Named Pipes protocol has been enabled on the server.  Use the SQL-Server Configuration Manager to see what are the protocols that have been enabled on both the client side and the server side.
    In the case of the TCP/IP protocol, there is also this eternal question about a connection bloqued by the firewall on either the client side or the server side; so you should temporarily deactivate the firewalls on both side to check for that possibility.
    Using Windows Authentication between two machines can also be a challenge if you are using workgroups instead of a Domain Name Server; so your next step should be to try with a SQL-Server Login instead of a Windows Authentication login.

    PRB: ODBC Connection Failed: SQLState: '08001' DBMSSOCN
    ODBC Connection to 2008 SQL Server Express

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