MDT2010 - TEMP Profile Issues with XP Deployments?


  • We run MDT2010 and deploy XP by first using a TS to install Windows XP, then when it is customized capture it with another Sysprep & Capture TS by manually navigating to the Litetouch.wsf and kicking off the process.  

    To customize XP we used the method for SP3 that says it will automatically copy over the Administrator account, so we change just a few things like show extensions for known file types and very subtle things like that.. cosmetic.

    This process works great for imaging and each user logs in without any problems, but we're seeing a high volume of TEMP profile issues where the user has lost their desktop or needs Outlook reconfigured as if it never was.

    Does anyone have any experience or insight with this one? If it's related to deployment and what is being used for the default profile then we've got a big problem.

    2012년 3월 29일 목요일 오후 3:23