hal.dll instaling problem


  • hello this problem is with win xp sp3 instalation when im trying to install win xp on my notebook laptop it says that hal.dll is missing how do i solve this problem note:the bios is from 2009
    2018년 4월 26일 목요일 오전 10:24

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  • Follow error message 3 here, it may help you

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    2018년 4월 27일 금요일 오전 7:16
  • Hi Andrei.

    You have to try performing a repair installation or a clean installation from scratch; also read the suggestions provided by the Microsoft Knowledge Base article 314477.
    If the result is always the same, your Windows XP installation disc could be someway corrupted and you should try using a different one.


    Luigi Bruno

    2018년 5월 12일 토요일 오후 7:06