Sharepoint 2010 Subsite/Document Library/Lists Storage Data


  • Basically all I want to do is to get the total storage space of subsites, document libraries and lists within a site collection. There does not seem to be a possible way to do it besides:

    1) using site.StorageManagementInformation which is currently Obsolete
    2) SPSite.UsageInfo this can only work for site collection:

    SPSite.UsageInfo usageInfo = spSite.Usage;
    long storageUsed = usageInfo.Storage;

    3) SPWeb.GetUsageData which only gets the current day(and up to the last 31 days) usage data.

    4) finding the database table where Site Collection Administration > Storage Metrics is querying from (which I could not find even when using a .NET Reflector for the assembly) and pulling data from sharepoint's database isnt recommended either :/

    If anyone has any other way or idea on how to achieve this it would be very much appreciated!

    2012년 4월 26일 목요일 오전 1:53