How to retrieve the my task planner for multi user login using Microsoft graph API


  • Hi there,

    I was working on Microsoft planner to fetch the task details of logged in user to the web parts. Some how I have managed to add the application to my using with client id and secret id.But I unable to add the app to my other user domain like,, while adding admin consent to my other user domain it shows AADSTS90094: The grant requires admin permission. Finally I found that the permission issue was raised from Microsoft graph permission, under this section user read all  i.e.(admin only).I couldn't able to change these properties to public.Because I am using application portal. Please let me know the solution to add apps to my other domain user with the admin consent.

    My URL  which are used for adding application to share-point.

    For application the app which I was used

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    Thanks for visiting our forum. Then here we mainly focus on general issues about setting up and deploying the RTM release versions of Office 2013 and Office 365 ProPlus. For your specific question about using Microsoft graph API, personally I'd like to recommend checking the Office 365 fro Dev forum for suggestions. 

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