How to Prevent Upgrade Notifications for Office 2013 to Office 2016 Upgrade


  • We manage hundreds of accounts who have installed Office 365 Home (2013) and for the portion of accounts we maintain managed services for we want to be able to control the upgrade from Office 2013 to 2016.

    I have found information online about adding a registry entry or running MicrosoftEasyFix20156 to configure upgrades not to be enabled but this is not working on multiple computers I have tried both methods on.

    We are not running ProPlus so maybe that is the issue but I have seen these instructions listed for both ProPlus as well as Home.

    Is there a way to prevent an automatic upgrade from Office 2013 to Office 2016 and/or prevent the persistent banner messages displayed in Office 2013 products trying to get the users to upgrade?


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  • Hi,

    Based on the article, I copied here, the MicrosoftEasyFix20156 should work for Office 365 ender user.

    You can dismiss the notification at that time, and it will disappear until the next time you launch an Office 2013 application. You can also permanently disable the notification using a registry key. We’ve released an easy fix that will set the registry key for you through a quick download and wizard. You can download that fix here.

    I recommend you try to use a test machine to follow the article to re-test if possible.

    PS: Since this issue is related to Office 365 Home, Personal, or University version, I recommend you post the question to Office 365 forum:


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  • George,

    I appreciate the response but as I noted above, neither the "EasyFix" nor the manual registry update stops the notifications.  I have tested this on (4) different computers.

    I am 100% certain that these suggestions (that I had previously found via Google and tried) do not work.

    2015년 12월 9일 수요일 오전 6:52
  • Another useless reply from tech support on the MS forum. 

    I am having the same problem. Notification banner every time I open Office 2013 telling me to upgrade to Office 2016. I don't want to upgrade. I just want to get to work and not be bombarded with banner ads in software I bought.
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