License to use Office on a Terminal Server network

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  • Hi Derek,

    You have 2 options

    1 - Volume License Office 2016 ProPlus (you require a license for each user of the terminal server who could use the software, even if they don't intend to use it it must still be licensed if they could get access to it)

    2 - Office365 ProPlus or an Enterprise Office365 Subscription that includes access to Office ProPlus - on a side note, if you go for this option you will need to use the Office Deployment Tool to install office using Shared Computer Activation for the licensing. Each user who will use office will require a license in teh Office365 tenant to use office.



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  • I have 20 PCs connected to my terminal server. What license must I pay ?

    Hi Derek,

    Danny is right. Please make sure that you assign each user a license for Office 365 ProPlus. 

    Then you can enable shared computer activation for the Office 365 ProPlus deployment on an RDS server. For detailed information about this, please refer to the following article:


    Winnie Liang

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  • Derek,

    I have a similar query.  Except my customer does not require 'users', they wish to have ability to use Office - Excel specifically on the terminal server itself - to extract data.

    Would the customer still need to purchase an Office 2016 Office Pro Plus Volume License, and in this case being forced to purchases a minimum of 5 users?

    Please advise ASAP.

    Thank you!


    2018년 5월 28일 월요일 오후 6:32