Windows Live ID Error


  • Hello,

    I have recently filled out a recovery form for the windows live id: *Removed To Protect from Spambots*

    I received an email telling me all the steps needed to reset my password afterwards (The info I provided for the email I am trying to recover was found valid).

    I followed the steps but still did not receive an email to reset the password for the account even though I did the steps and they accepted my information on the account as true and the account as mine.

    So I called Microsoft wondering why I did not just receive the email to reset the password directly. 

    I have validated the account as mine but still was not given access, why is that? 
    I would appreciate some help here.

    • 편집됨 2Beastmode4u 2012년 6월 14일 목요일 오전 12:52 I want to access my windows live ID
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