windows update page loading but blank

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  • I have Win XP 64bit where the latest IE is V8. Increasingly web pages load but the screen remains blank (inside the IE window frame), so, I have been using Firefox recently.

    I accepted today's Windows updates, mostly security ones. I went to the Windows Update link in IE8 to check if there were any non-critical updates relating to software develpments for other programs and hardware.

    I clicked the Update link, I could see various elements of the page were loading and could see the bottom green stautus bar showing that all was downloading. But, when it said 'Done' all I had was a blank page under the page tab bar. I tried numerous times.

    I can not use any other browser which all produce the page saying that IE 5 or better must be used.

    How do I access the Windows Update page. It is the same if I click the update link on the Download Centre page.

    I am upgrading to Win 7 pro 64, but, due to the time needed to re-load all my numerous programs (3 days last time), I can not disable my work for a couple of months.

    2012년 6월 13일 수요일 오후 4:40