Manipulating the calculation of average in scorecard RRS feed

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  • Hey there,


    In my scorecard I got different Employees on the rows and different months on the columns. The employees are grouped by their type (Developers, Support, Project Manager etc.)

    When an employee joined the company later, there will be no value available for months prior to joining. When PPS calculates the average for a certain type (Developers, Support, Project Manager etc.) it treats the empty value as zero. So if there are three employees it will sum up effectively two values and divide it by three. The desired behaviour is to divide it by two, so it exclude the Employee with the empty cell. 

    Is there any possibility to configure this? The only place where I can find setup for this for this is the Calculation column of the KPI. You can only select "Average of children" but not how to treat empty cells.

    Any ideas are very appreciated!




    2008년 9월 1일 월요일 오전 9:49