ASR Recovery problems


  • My system disk is 'H' not 'C'. In the process of a tech at Acronis helping me with issues installing "True Image", my hard drive got wiped.

    I have an ASR abckup.  When the backup reaches the final stage, it says something about "the file system has changed" and fails with a fatal error.  The system had not changed and in fact, I was restoring it to the same drive.

    After 4 days of trying different things, I have created a third disk with the letter H. I put that drive as SATA 0. I then attempted the ASR restore. It failed with the same error. I then took that drive and re-installed XP-Pro. It is now my system drive as 'H' with the user files.  But without the registry, nothing works.

    How can I restore that drive by any method? Is there a work around for that ASR restore error?

    Thanks everone!

    2012년 6월 9일 토요일 오후 10:32