Transfering Office to a new machine


  • We have purchased a new laptop and want to transfer an existing Office to it from one of two current computers (one running 32-bit W7 and one running 64-bit W10).  We have some Office activation codes, but aren't quite sure which ones apply to which installations.

    The W7 machine is a Mac Mini running Bootcamp and we have Office installed on both the iOS and Windows sides of the machine.

    The W10 machine seems to have 2 versions of Office, both Office14 and Office 15 (I have no idea how that might have happened).  It doesn't look like Office15 has ever been run; maybe it came with the machine and we unnecessarily transferred an Office14 version to it, or we bought one of the Office versions without realizing that the other was already there, or perhaps the Office15 is a trial version.

    So a few questions:

    - I'm pretty sure that we have the activation code for the Mac Office.  Can we transfer that to the new W10 laptop?  It looks as if MS may have provided a Windows Office when we installed Bootcamp on the Mac Mini, but it doesn't look as if it came with an activation code.

    - How can we tell whether the Office15 is a full version - I'm pretty sure that it is an OEM version, but I doubt that we don't seem to have an activation code.  Is one needed for an OEM version or does it activate automatically by recognizing the machine?  How can I tell if it is a trial version.

    - I think that we only have an activation code for one Office14 (probably the W10 version).  How can we tell which one the code is for?

    - Ideally we would move the Windows Office from the Mac Mini to the new machine.  Would it work in a 64-bit environment?

    - Our second choice, if the Office15 version is a full version that would easily be activated, would be to move the activated Office14 to the new machine (we plan to keep using the machine that this is installed on and want to keep Office on it).

    I'd appreciate some guidance on how we might proceed. 

    Many thanks

    2018년 4월 19일 목요일 오전 12:43

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