Import settings from EC desktop policy


  • Hello,

    When performing the following actions :

    ->backup Win7 Desktop EC policy oin Security complicance manager

    -> Create new policy in AD

    -> Import policy settings in new policy

    -> Error message that the policy is containing Security principals or UNC paths

    How come ?

    2011년 12월 5일 월요일 오후 4:28

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  • You see that message in GPMC because some of the policy settings include account names, for example, the user rights assignment policies specify account names. Accounts with well-known SIDs like the built-in local Administrators group normally don't cause this message to appear, its probably the account called "NT Service\WdiServiceHost." You can use a translation table during the GPMC import process to update account names and other some other details to match your specific environment or you can manually update the GPO if any account names were fouled up during the import.
    Kurt Dillard
    2011년 12월 5일 월요일 오후 4:51
  • Kurt, I have removed all the defined rights in security settings Local policies -> User rights assignments. Then backup and import the settings -> No problem no security identifiers or unc paths found.

    I then add Administrator group to access this computer from the network ( as test ) , the group gets resolved correctly when using the browse button. I then perform a backup again and import the settings -> A security identifier of unc path exists -> Strange ?

    Anyone else has this issue ?

    2011년 12월 9일 금요일 오후 2:58