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  • *We use Windows Server 2012R2 as server for PXE Boot System(Network Boot)

    *The total number of users is 50 and we have CAL/Client Access License as many as the number of users.

      (For sure we also have Windows Server 2012RS license.)

    * Windows 7 professional License of OEM or COEM(or DSP) is attached to users’ PC(Desktop).

    * Users’ PCs use Windows 7 professional by PXE Booting to network.

    Q1. In conditions as above, isn’t there any problem about Windows license?

    2015년 6월 15일 월요일 오후 7:44

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  • Please refer below link.
    According to below, Windows PXE is not normal Windows Desktop. It is licensed only for maintence and installation purposes.
    How do I PXE boot multiple Windows 7 desktops off the same image?

    It's not possible to boot Windows 7 over PXE or anything similar to that. Windows PE (Pre-Installation Environment; which is licensed only for maintenance and installation purposes and has nothing like a normal Windows Desktop) can be PXE booted. Certain other versions of Windows that you're not interested in can also be PXE booted, but nothing like a Desktop OS.

    Most Enterprise-grade iSCSI targets can do thin provisioning, where they use the same base image for all systems and only the differences take up extra space. Also, Windows doesn't support single instance boot (yet; it's something MS has been kicking around internally for a while now). So each computer does need to see different storage, they can't yet share.

    2015년 7월 28일 화요일 오전 5:23