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  • 익스체인지 2010을 사용하고 있는데 outlook 을 사용하여 전자서명된 메일을 발송하게 되면 상대방이 smime.p7m 이라는 첨부 파일을 받게 됩니다.

    익스체인지에 smime을 설정안해서 그런듯한데 익스체진이 smime을 구성하기 위한 필요한 조건들이 어떻게 되나요?

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    ▶ Supporting S/MIME
    To support S/MIME in your Exchange organization, you must build a public key infrastructure (PKI).

    A PKI is a system of digital certificates, certification authorities (CAs), and registration authorities (RAs) that verify and authenticate the validity of each party that is involved in an electronic transaction by using public key cryptography. When you implement a CA in an organization that uses Active Directory, you provide an infrastructure for certificate life-cycle management, renewal, trust management, and revocation. However, there is some additional cost involved in deploying servers and infrastructure to create and manage Microsoft Windows PKI-generated certificates.

    Certificate Services is required to deploy a Windows PKI and can be installed through Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel. You can install Certificate Services on any server in the domain.

    If you obtain certificates from a domain-joined Windows CA, you can use the CA to request or sign certificates to issue to the servers or computers on your network. This enables you to use a PKI that resembles a third-party certificate vendor, but is less expensive. Although these PKI certificates cannot be deployed publicly, as other types of certificates can be, when a PKI CA signs the requestor's certificate by using the private key, the requestor is verified. The public key of this CA is part of the certificate. A server that has this certificate in the trusted root certificate store can use that public key to decrypt the requestor's certificate and authenticate the requestor.

    A PKI enables organizations to publish their own certificates. Clients can request and receive certificates from a PKI on the internal network. The PKI can renew or revoke certificates.

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