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  • I finally narrowed down what my problem is - i just dont know how to fix it :(

    our xp machines have their dns set as
    DNS1 = (our 2008 dev machine, with dns, iis, websites, etc)
    DNS2 =   (our router and internet, that is, its a gateway)
    Its done like this so if the server is unavailable (off, disconnected) the xp machines can still use the internet.

    BUT many times the server (dns1) is so slow to respond, the xp users get "IE cannot display the page" instead of local development websites.
    (i've tested to make sure: if the server is off, everyone has internet. When the server is on, and i remove dns2, everyone can see the local dev sites ok).

    How can i fix this?

    If I am all here, does that mean I am not all there?
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  • I've just upgraded one machine to Windows 7 (64bit) and set the DNS1 to local dev server, and DNS2 to Router(gateway).

    And everything works hunky-dory / A-ok.

    So Win 7 & Server 2008, works as well as Win XP & Server 2003.

    It would appear Win XP & Server 2008 has some compatibility issue.

    I dont know what that is. And i never got any sensible responses - so i'll just move over to win 7 everywhere.
    (Luckily i like this OS)


    If I am all here, does that mean I am not all there?
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