Error Exporting Messages from Windows Live Mail to Outlook 2013


  • Hello,

    I'm currently using the Windows Live Mail client and I wanted to export to Outlook 2013. I'm using windows 7 x64.

    I used the "export mail => messages => exchange" in the menu, selected the folders and all is fine here. But when it starts exporting it get stuck on message # 677 of 1775. It keeps in the same progress does nothing and I can't cancel. 

    I tried exporting folder by folder but all of them get stuck too around 55%.

    Does anyone have any ideas? Any tools like scanpst to try to fix any corrupted message that could be causing the problem?

    Thank you!

    2013년 8월 6일 화요일 오후 6:43

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  • Hi,

    How did you export from Windows Live mail? what's the version of your Outlook?

    You could follow these steps to move your Windows Live Mail directly into your Outlook mail files:

    • Open Microsoft Outlook.
    • Open Windows Live Mail.
    • In the Windows Live Mail window, click the File button and select Exportand then select Email messages.
    • Select Microsoft Exchange as the format and then click Next.
    • You will see a message that all email will be exported to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange, click Ok to continue.
    • You can export all email folders or select the appropriate folders that you want to export by using the Select folders option.
    • After you select the appropriate option, click OK and wait for the export process to be completed.
    • When the Export Completedialog box appears, click Finish.

    Note:Exporting Windows Live Mail or Outlook Express mail to Outlook 2013 requires that Outlook 2013 be 32bit.

    For more information, Please read this article:

    Export Windows Live Mial email, contacts, and calendar data to Outlook

    Best regards,

    Karen Hu

    2013년 8월 7일 수요일 오전 3:01
  • I don't think you read my post.

    All your questions and steps are described on my first message, except for the 32bit part, which yes it is. So this is not the case.

    The problem is not on outlook, but in windows live mail.

    Thank you.

    2013년 8월 8일 목요일 오후 2:31
  • Hi,

    I had read your post carefully.

    You could try to export the folder to your local hard disk then import to Outlook.

    If it still persits, please consult to Windows Live forum for more professional help:

    Best regards,

    Karen Hu

    2013년 8월 9일 금요일 오전 8:45
  • That's exactly what i'm doing!

    But the export progress get stuck in the middle.

    2013년 8월 19일 월요일 오후 1:21
  • Jeez buddy, I feel for for ya on this one.
    2015년 8월 18일 화요일 오후 4:31
  • Is this fixed yet? Same problem. Stuck on Message 7 of 8 in the first folder it attempts to export. I am fed up of this nonsense wasting my time.


    2015년 12월 16일 수요일 오후 5:58
  • Buongiorno, scrivo in italiano per semplificare la spiegazione, google translate saprà sicuramente aiutarvi !

    Ho risolto semplicemente così :

    • Export from windows live mail to Microsoft Windows Live Mail (Open Windows Live Mail-Option-Export message ecc-export to Microsoft Windows Live Mail not EXCHANGE)
    • Unistall Windows Live Essential and remove old windows live DB/FOLDER (usually %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail or simply find on regedit "Store root")
    • Re-install windows live email, and import the emails previously backupped
    • Finally, try to execute the export in Microsoft Exchange from Windows live mail.

    After days of work, I tried this solution that worked.

    thumbs up! ;)

    Spero di essere stato di aiuto



    2016년 12월 22일 목요일 오후 4:23
  • Hi, did you get to fix this issue? I did everything what the MS told me to, but I am having the same problem that you are having. The message transfer gets stuck at 40~50% of the migration and the WLM automatically restarts. Please let me know if you found a way to fix this issue to proceed with migration. Thanks. 
    2017년 4월 11일 화요일 오전 4:47
  • DO NOT UNINSTALL LIVE MAIL UNTIL YOU HAVE A SUCCESSFUL EXPORT!!!  You can no longer install Live Mail since January 2017.  I. too, am trying to get off Live Mail and on Outlook.  I get this error before it even starts.

    2017년 11월 6일 월요일 오후 7:36
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  • Hey HRDevelopers,

    I think you should use any 3rd party software to export messages from Windows Live to Outlook 2003. I tried Total webmail converter which helped me a lot few months back.

    There was hardly 2-3 steps to do and you are good to go. You can find out the software



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  • The same problem was faced by me, Then I used KDETools EML to PST converter I was able to convert all my Windows Live Mail to Outlook PST. The Process didn't take more than 30 minutes to convert 2 GB of EML file to PST format.

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