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  • i have 15 fields as mandatory in the infopath form and i need to validate for submit button enabled only if all the 15 mandatory fields are filled and it should disable if all mandatory fields missed.


    2019년 10월 10일 목요일 오전 11:22


  • Hi sree_23,

    Has this problem been solved?

    To troubleshoot this problem, you can follow the steps below:

    1.Select the field for validation.

    2.If the Rules task pane is not already showing, click Manage Rules on the Home tab.

    3.In the Rules task pane, click New then select Validation to create a validation rule action.

    4.Build a custom rule to validate the field

    For details use this link (look at Part 3 "Adding Validation, Conditional Formatting, and Logic to Your Form").

    Best regards

    Itch Sun

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