Unknown users generate high RPC


  • Hi ,

    When i tried run the EXmon troubleshooting assitant . It say found one performance error , however the username is "?" and the IPs is my frontend servers IP . Is it normal ? I tried check the mapi client version but no luck as well .:

    "The user '?' was issuing 74.51 MAPI operations per second, which is higher than expected. If a user is issuing more than 10 operations per second for a more than a few minutes at a time, this usually indicates that they are running a resource-intensive application. MAPI client versions: 2050.33069.0.  User's IP Addresses: 172.30.xx.xx(Frontendsvr1 IP ), 172.30.xx.xx. (Frontendsvr2 IP) "

    Secondly , let say we found an users is trigger high RPC operation . How do we specifically stop that users activity ? Any way to do that ?

    Thanks in advance !


    2011년 12월 2일 금요일 오전 9:08

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