WSUS - The Reporting Web Service is not working.


  • Hello guys, I have a VM with RRAS and  WSUS installed.

    VM has two NICs, one for RRAS and the other one for WSUS.

    WSUS does not seem to display computers, it has this error: The Reporting Web Service is not working.

    When I type netstat -ano | find "8530"

    I'm able to see clients establishing connection to WSUS server. But unable to see on WSUS homepage.

    WSUS need to be on a stand alone server? or what?

    Please help. Thanks.

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  • Hi,

    WSUS and RRAS work together without issues.

    To solve the problem:

    1.Check the port of WSUS 8530 opens. 
    2.It should specify correct intranet microsoft update service location: (replace "" with your own WSUS FQDN).
    3.We should check the appropriate GPO assigned to the correct ou. 
    4.Apply GPO in the client: gpupdate/force.
    5.Restart the server.
    6.If it is still unable to see on WSUS console, it may have some delay. You could wait and refresh for it. In my own lab, it also has this issue once. 

    Hope it helps.

    Best regards,

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