FIM 2010 R2 - Removing attribute from Attribute Flow


  • Dear community,

    In an Account & Resource Forest scenario for Exchange, FIM 2010 R2 has been installed and configured with two Management Agents. Currently, one Management Agent is importing user objects from the Account Forest into MIM, the other Management Agent is exporting those user objects from MIM into the Resource Forest.

    Currently, the attribute "mailNickname" is synchronizing from the Account forest into the Resource forest thru FIM.

    My intend is, to remove the attribute "mailNickname" from the attribute flow, so that this attribute is not synchronized into the user objects in the Resource Forest from the user objects from the Account forest anymore - BUT I have to make sure, that user objects in Resource Forest, who already have the attribute "mailNickname" set, that the attribute "mailNickname" will not be deleted or emptied - the user objects in Resource forest  should remain as they are.

    How FIM thinks and works in that case?
    Does FIM no longer feel responsible for the attribute "mailNickname" in the Resource Forest if I remove the attribute from the attribute flow? (which is what I want) Or will FIM remove the attribute "mailnickname" from all user objects in the target Resource Forest (which is not what I want)?

    Thanks everybode for input!

    2018년 7월 12일 목요일 오후 1:04

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