Port traffic-gps tracking system

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  • Dear ones,I have a question based on port traffic.

    I developed one socket application for receiving data from gps tracking devices using the port 4444.The socket application is running on windows server 2008R2 machine and have 12 GB RAM.

    Now the socket application is receiving data from 300 gps tracking devices .Each GPS tracking device is sending data(location information of vehicles)  to the server in each 30 seconds.So now the trafffic become very high through the port 4444.

    sometimes I found the socket application is stuck (not responding).

    1.Whether it is due to the high traffic through the port 4444 or not?

    2.If the gps tracking device numbers will increase from 300  to 600 ,Is it required to use one more socket application with another port number(eg:4445) for receiving data?

    3.If the traffic is more through the port ,what are the problems will happen?

    Please help me to solve my issues...

    2013년 6월 23일 일요일 오전 6:42

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