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  • hello, thanks for you, read this article.

    I want to know how to enable credential provider.

    When I develop biometric(fingerprint) Authentication program.

    I used WinBioSetCredential() function, and there is a error.

    the function return 0x80098030 (WINBIO_E_CRED_PROV_DISABLED).

    So,I found a solution in below link.

    but I don't know how to enable the setting.

    i see the local group policy editor. but I can't find this.

    could you tell me how to fix it?

    --<link and the solution article>-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    All functions will fail and return WINBIO_E_CRED_PROV_DISABLED:
      For all users when the credential provider is not enabled system wide.
      For domain users when the provider is not enabled for domain use.

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