Formula needs to only used certian values to add 5 to ensure the correct indexscore


  • I have the following formula BS4Q14_Score + BS4Q15_Score + BS4Q16_Score.  Those fields should add a value of 5 to the indexscore field only  if BS4Q14_Score, BS4Q15_Score, BS4Q16_Score values were 1,3,5.  How can I incorporate this check of these fields values and make sure they add a value of 5 to indexscore accordingly.  At the end of this survey each BS4Q#_score values of 1,3,5 should have added a value of 5 to the indexscore.  For the survey there are multiple sections which contains a number of questions.  In this formula section 4 has 3 questions numbers (14,15,16)
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    Could you please explain your requirement with more details and some capture with your field details so that we can understand more easily and help you find the solution.


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