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  • I have a requirement for the SharePoint 2013 workflows in an isolated 2016 farm, and I have not found out how to actually make them available.

    The farm cannot be connected to the internet for any reason at all.

    I've grabbed the Web Platform Installer to create an offline installation package, but I don't know what to include in it, even if that pertains.

    2019년 10월 11일 금요일 오전 1:35

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  • Ed

    The 2013 workflows are stored with the site content in the content database containing the site.  One way to migrate the 2013 workflows:

    1. make a full backup of the 2013 content database
    2. ensure that workflow manager 1.0 (AKA Workflow 2013) is fully deployed to and operational on the 2016 farm
    3. Copy the 2013 content database backup to the SQL server instance supporting the target 2016 farm
    4. attach the content database to that SQL server instance
    5. execute test-spcontentdatabase for the content database against the intended web application on the 2016 farm
    6. resolve any upgrade-blocking issues
    7. mount the 2013 content database backup to the 2016 target web application
    8. launch SharePoint designer, open the 2013 workflows, and then re-publish them - this reconnects them to the 2013 workflow system

    There may be other ways of migrating 2013 workflows, but this is the way I have done it in the past.  The TechNet article below walks through this process.  


    2019년 10월 11일 금요일 오후 2:55
  • Step 2 is what I need help on. There is no previous 2013 farm, and there are no existing 2013 workflows - I need the 2013 style workflows to be available.
    2019년 10월 11일 금요일 오후 3:33
  • If that's the case then you have lots of TechNet guidance available.  Here's the main TechNet entry into this topic.  Navigate to this one, and you'll see a listing of associated articles

    There are also a number of TechNet Wiki articles written by members of the SharePoint community that you may find also useful.  Here's a few:

    And here's a portal page that provides a wide range of workflow-related references:

    2019년 10월 11일 금요일 오후 4:08
  • I have not been making myself clear.

    This is not a migration. There has never been a 2013 farm on this network at all. There are no existing 2013 workflows to be migrated. The 2016 farm is the first and only farm here, ever.

    SharePoint 2016 comes with 2010 workflow capabilities by default. There are additional workflow capabilities in SharePoint 2013, but they are not available out of the box for SharePoint 2016, and they have to be added, *not* from the 2016 media. The config wizard won't add them either.

    The normal way to add the SharePoint 2013 workflows assumes internet connectivity. If I were to try to connect this SharePoint 2016 farm to the Internet I would go to prison.

    This thread is about adding the feature in the first place, not migrating any existing workflows.

    2019년 10월 15일 화요일 오후 3:32
  • What packages do I need to have my (internet connected) instance of WPI download to create the ofline installer? I missed that in these documents.
    2019년 10월 15일 화요일 오후 3:34
  • Workflow Manager 1.0 engine was introduced concomitant with SharePoint 2013.  It's given name is Workflow Manager 1.0, but some SharePoint admins like myself refer to it as "Workflow 2013" for convenience.  Workflow Manager 1.0 is still the name of the product even though it now also integrates with SharePoint 2016.  Read the references and you'll discover this.
    2019년 10월 15일 화요일 오후 3:43