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  • Hi Guy's

    we are migrating away from TMG to the Microst Web Application Proxy(2016)

    Now on the TMG i had a Listener with one IP and 4 Subdomains:

    als these Subdomains pointed to the same Skype Backend Url: skypefrontend.domain.internal:4443/*

    Now i have trouble rebuilding this with the WAP, becaue you can use a backend Urls only once
    If i publish -> skypefrontend.domain.internal:4443/*

    and the try to publish -> skypefrontend.domain.internal:4443/*
    it says "skypefrontend.domain.internal:4443/*" is already used.

    Now my question is: Can i work arround this by selectively puslishing subdirectorys:
    like -> goes to skypefrontend.domain.internal:4443/*
    but -> goes to skypefrontend.domain.internal:4443/meet -> goes to skypefrontend.domain.internal:4443/dialin -> goes to skypefrontend.domain.internal:4443/autodiscove

    I've also seen that you could you subdirectorys for the simple urls:
    like and
    But that would clearly be more work.

    Any help is realy appreciated,

    thanks guys



    Wednesday, October 9, 2019 8:19 AM


  • Hey Sharon,

    thanks for you reply.

    But i think i found the simple solution ... i just thought a little to much "inside the box"

    i didn't know that the skype hast multiple internal Urls.

    so i can just use different backend urls for each Public hostname on the WAP: -> meet.domain.internal -> dialin.domain.internal

    and so on ...



    Thursday, October 10, 2019 7:32 AM

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