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  • In the past, I was researching an issue I was having and at the time was not finding an answer to my liking.  In my DHCP I had multiple scopes. An older scope had hundreds of reservations, and on the left hand side of the view, the reservations were all sorted by IP address. As new reservations were made they would initially appear at the bottom until the view was refreshed and it would be sorted.  I also had a newer scope and the reservations on the left were sorted by date of creation.  There was no way to get that list to sort automatically that I could find, and no clue why the old one would sort but the new would not.

    At the time, I was able to find other discussions and it was basically left as it's not possible, delete and recreate the reservations in the order that you wanted.  Nowhere did I find at the time any references why I was seeing both behaviors.



    Today I was adding in a reservation to the newer scope and was shocked to find that the list on the left was now sorted by IP address and my new one joined the list in the proper order.  I checked a couple other scopes that do not have a lot of use and they were exhibiting the unsorted behavior, so it's not a server wide change, only a change to that newer scope.

    I can not say for certain, but I think the sorting on the left side is based upon the number of reservations, that the list will not sort until you hit a certain threshold.  Right now in that new scope, I have 115 reservations, and I know I wasn't involved in a number of the more recent entries so I'm not sure when this started to work.  I would take guess that it may start sorting at 100 records. Has anyone else noticed this?

    I would love to put this thought on those old threads but alas they are locked.  


    Thursday, October 22, 2020 2:48 PM