Removed Web Credentials keep reappearing - Windows 10 Pro 20H2 19042.610 RRS feed

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  • Started cleaning out old Web-Credentials mostly stored by Internet Explorer. Not been using IE any more since initial EDGE appeared. The credentials listed in "Web Credentials" do not seem to get synced between machines anymore anyway.

    Managed to delete the bulk of them but 3 entries persist on one of my machines.
    They can be removed but will reappear after a reboot and are only removed for the current session!!!

    - If I disable IE11 in Windows Features they will not! reappear
    - If I sign in to the machine with a local account instead of the Microsoft account they will not! reappear

    - Switching SYNCing off for Passwords or other Setting or ALL does not help they will reappear
    - Deleting Cloud Synced Settings for Microsoft Account does not help and they will reappear
    - Storing same credentials with IE11 and deleting them subsequently only works until next reboot. Then they reappear.
    - Removing these Web Credentials then signing off then back on makes them reappear.
    - Logon to machine through RDP  first and removed Web Credentials will not show even if logging in subsequently at Console until reboot or logoff and login @ console again.

    How do I remove these old WEB Credentials permanently?

    Sunday, November 1, 2020 8:37 PM