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  • Can participants join a lync meeting without an organizer? I would like to schedule a meeting for a team, and have them join on their own without having the organizer have to start the meeting. So a meeting completely devoid of an organizer, only participants that can share their audio and video as presenters. 
    Monday, March 2, 2015 6:55 PM


  • Good evening,

    Every meeting has to have an organiser, this is inherently the person or account that scheduled the meeting in the first instance.

    However it is possible to achieve what you're requesting through one of two methods;

    1. Lync meeting options - when setting up and scheduling the meeting in the first place, you can use the Lync meeting options from within Outlook to create a dedicated meeting space that honours settings different from the default meeting ones (such as who is a presenter etc.)

    2. CSMeetingConfiguration - If you don't want to create a dedicated meeting space each time, and would prefer your new settings to be the default for any meeting, then you can use the Lync management shell to edit the default meeting configuration. Run Get-CSMeetingConfiguration to review the existing settings from Lync management shell. As an example; by default you'll see that only people from your own organisation are nominated as presenters, but you can change this to everyone if you desire.

    But in direct answer your question - there will always be an organiser, even if it is a token / fictional account.

    Kind regards

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    Monday, March 2, 2015 7:53 PM