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  • Lync is a great app when it's all working. If these things got fixed, it might be among the greatest connectivity tools in existence... I would have no serious complaints about it... and I complain. A lot. Here -- let me show you:

    1 - If Lync cannot connect to the corporate network, this is NOT something to use a modal dialog for.

    I suggest fixing this by putting an error message region on the login page of the UI where this kind of thing can be indicated. But, whatever a better answer is, we can be sure that the wrong answer is a modal dialog. I would rather have no message at all. Aside from the monumental sin of stealing focus from the user in order to tell them about an issue that likely isn't important, poping out a modal dialog leads to silly scenarios. For instance, if Lync is in that state where there is a dialog on the screen telling you Lync cannot connect and you have not dismissed that dialog, then you click a calendar invite to join a Lync meeting you end up with Lync both connected to the meeting while also maintaining a modal dialog telling you it cannot connect. This is a trivial pre-alpha mistake and, as such, embarrassing for MS.

    I saw a car the other day for sale which had a "powered by Microsoft" icon in the cabin. The first thought I had was about this dialog I hate (but was followed by other inexplicable MS UI design decisions and bugs) and it gave me pause instead of assurance -- I was less likely to buy that car partly due to this persistent issue. 

    2 - Lync should be lazily pinging the network to see if it can connect if the connection was not last terminated explicitly by the user

    ...kind of related to #1. Why should I have to click "OK" on a dialog and then "Log in" on the main page when all I did was undock my laptop? Seriously -- this is trivial. Please fix it.

    3 - The enter key on the num-pad cannot be used to start the dialing of the phone number

    Yep -- you have to use the main enter key. SMH.

    Tuesday, January 6, 2015 5:17 PM

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