I've got the Windows 8.1 Upgrade Blues!

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  • I spent the better part of yesterday watching after the download of Windows 8.1 Preview but to no avail. I took MS at their word and went through the motions of updating through the "Store" and at first I was a little surprised to see "Store" didn't bug me for my MS account, and things seemed to be progressing nicely.

    Now I have a DSL Internet connection and I wasn't too thrilled to download such a large file (2.3GB?); but OK that's the way they want to play it OK. So the download keeps going and going and going; I have no clue as to how or when it's going to finish, all the "Store's" page says is "Preparing" (I seem to recall something like that) In all fairness, for a short while it did say "Downloading" but somewhere around 35% that stopped and I was left with the preparing message.

    Well anyway, much later that day the installation failed with the error code of 0x80244018 which may have something to do with firewalls or proxies. Oh come on, this is a fresh install! Do I want to try again? Yeah, right.

    I can see the ESD file buried down in C:\Windows\Software Distribution\........ but I can't do anything with it AFAIK. For heaven's sake I don't want to go through another long download just to find it has some other problem.

    From what I've read, the answer is to just download the ISO. That will have to wait until I get back to work utilize our big fat pipe.

    So far the best thing about Windows 8 has been installing "Classic Shell" 

    Saturday, June 29, 2013 3:33 PM