I got this lang guy on my computer and phone RRS feed

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  • and the cache is messed up on my phone , I have been having problems for 2 years now, and I do not know who is doing this it started out with someone using myaddress, she did not live here she moved out, and then I was wondering why I kept getting her mail. I kept trying to stop it and then I found her still listed on the palm bch voters administration, I took her off in Sept, she gave me her address and phone number I wrote it on the paper and mailed it back. but then I woke up yesterday and my password was changed on my gmail account again, I can not get facebook to take my name and this number was never my number and I think it might be where I worked? I use to work for them and I got hurt the email address is money_@gulfstreamgoodwill.com I worked there she lied on me and kept me from getting my unemployment I got hurt after that going to a doctor they did not have a rug down and then I got in a 5 car accident not my fault . Then all these addresses appered on my credit report and phone numbers. Also someone is using different intinals for our names and they are not us and I think someone is using my old name and it is not me. HELP I also got a letter on my phone from Oregon and I never lived there. I know who lived there but she died two years ago. I found out that spokeo had me listed in my old name I took it off. And someone one took over my facebook account and I think they were using my ebay account I shut them off. Like I said I got up yesterday and it said my computer was in Miami and I went there in May of last year. to a store but this was not the computer I took and I was getting calls on my phone from some Nordstroms store out in Washington state and it was a Nancy and she said she was calling about my computer. I have had so many of these calls I am tired of them. And every time I got a password reset mycomputer was gone to some place. I also got this code today Ox8000FFFF and there is files on my computer from some Lang person I do not know a Lang either and my computer is not Windows 7 help please I am sick of this I have files that down loaded but everyone thinks I am nuts Please help !!! !
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