Lync and RMX Integration


  • We wanted to weigh in both RMX-Lync integration scnerios of using same SIP domain or through the static route and another SIP domain In the first case we created a user with displayname RMX9000 and simply assigned the SIP address used in our SIP domain i.e as any normal SIP user would have. Subsequently a meeting room was created on RMX with following settings.

    - Server IP Address or Name:             
    - Server Domain Name:                       
    - Port:                                                           5061
    - Display Name:                                            RMX9000
    - Routing Name:                                           9000
    - Sip Registration in network services          Checked.

    We started to see the user's presence correctly, everything worked fine as expected so far. After testing we removed the meeting room from RMX, but didn't disable from Lync as we wanted to some more testing.

    However whoever added this user as a contact  during testing phase or even new users looking up are getting the presence information as available, and when try to start a video call it says RMX9000 is offline. Wondering where the clients are getting this status of "available".

    Friday, October 11, 2013 6:19 PM

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