Transition from BPOS to Office365


  • I have a MX record on my internal DNS pointing to mail.global.frontbridge.com. should this be changed? I am have tons of issues with people not being able to connect through outlook. Support team seems so overwhelmed I am not getting call backs this needs to get fixed!
    23. února 2012 18:15

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  • Hello,

    I'm sorry to read that you're having problems with the transition from BPOS to Office 365. I'd like to try and address a couple of the questions or issues that raised.

    Regarding your MX, record you do not need to make any changes as part of the transition process. You have it pointing to the correct location.

    For the Outlook connectivity issue, one of issues I've seen is that this will happen if the autodiscover CNAME record isn't configured for your domain. There's documentation that describes how to configure this CNAME in the Checklist located at http://www.microsoft.com/online/help/en-us/helphowto/8939e90a-59dc-4f0f-aec0-19a899c0af75.htm.


    Jeff Wilkes, Supportability Program Manager: BPOS to Office 365 Transition

    23. února 2012 22:35
  • MX records are for mail delivery, sending mail servers who need to know how/where to connect to deliver a message.  As Jeff points out below Outlook requires an Autodiscover DNS record, which is picked up by Outlook and tells Outlook where to go in order to connect to their mailbox.  Creating an autodiscover.customDomain.com which points to autodiscover.outlook.com will instruct Outlook to connect to Exchange Online 365.  EXO365 will ask who the person is and after entering credentials outlook.com will do an MBX lookup and redirect Outlook one last time to the users final location where the online MBX resides.

    This is a change from BPOS where the Sign-In Client (SIC) manually configured the Outlook autodiscover setting via the registry.  In Office 365, Outlook configuration is no longer an option and the DNS Autodiscover record is now a requirement when supporting Outlook clients connecting into EXO365 mailboxes!


    Transitions Community Lead ...Ryan J. Phillips

    19. března 2012 22:12