Problems with Migration Tool after Local Exchange Mailbox Moves


  • Hello Everyone,

    I have been working with MS support on this one for awhile, but wanted to see if anyone had come across this issue before.  I was given a project to help migrate a client with a 2003 exchange cluster to BPOS. The project had been started by the local IT staff but all they did was install the migration and AD sync tools and test migrated 4 test accounts (successfully).  Unfortunately the site had never had any maintenance done and the volume with the datastores were completely filled, bringing the exchange store up and down (couldn't even turn on circular logging).  So to limit downtime I was able to attach another Lun to the cluster and then setup a new store and mailbox moved the accounts over to a new datastore.

    The issue is that since the move to the new storage group I can no longer migrate users to BPOS using the migration tool, the tool says it completes successfully (if I just move an account with no data), but it finishes in 0 seconds.  Also if I try and move mailbox data it appears to just run without ever finishing.

    The second issue is that if someone sends an email from the BPOS test account it never reaches an internal exchange mailbox user.


    I have reinstalled the sync and migration tool myself, I've cleared local exchange attributes and reconnected mailboxes and then reinstalled and reran both tools thinking there was some issue with the way the online tools look at AD data.. thinking the new storage group might have been a scenario that it was not programmed to handle.

    I can successfully migrate users that still remain or are created on the old datastore.


    Mittwoch, 2. März 2011 15:31

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  • Mailbox folder address might change?

    Mittwoch, 2. März 2011 20:49
  • Hi,

    I had this issue once. I uninstallled the tools. ran clean-mailboxdatabase and restarted my local server. Then installed the tools again and the migration was successfull.

    I had Exchange 2007 locally. It should be Run cleanup agent in Exchange 2003.



    Regards, Kris - BPOS Expert
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