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  • We migrated from MS Exchnage 2003 to Google Apps 6 months ago.  We left our Exchange server up and running so that it has captured all mail sent to us.  We have decided to return to our in-house MS Exchange 2003.  Are there any tools or utilities I can use to migrate the emails that our 160 users have sent while we were using Google apps from google apps to an in-house MS Exchange 2003 server?



    Dienstag, 1. März 2011 00:36

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  • John,

    Unfortunately this isn't the correct forum, this is for Exchange Online (BPOS). However I can offer some advice from my experience. Depending on how you have your google apps configured you can do a couple of things.

    First, strongly consider moving to Exchange 2010 or BPOS, they offer great benefits over Exchange 2003 and are a vast difference from Google Apps.

    Second, the way I would do it is:

    - Bring up your Exchange environment 

    - Give all your users mailboxes in Exchange

    - Reconfigure Outlook with Exchange (MAPI) profiles AND Google Apps POP accounts, but have all mail deliver to Exchange

    - Switch your MX Record over to Exchange

    - Import Google Apps PST files into the Exchange profiles either individually or using Exmerge


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  • has developed a free tool to accomplish this:



    Dienstag, 1. März 2011 21:24