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  • No idea if I'm in the right forum for this, but we have created a custom ATP policy for preventing the passing credit card information.  However, once a year, our financial team needs to share financial information with auditors so they can do their work.  Reports sent to the auditors are often way too large for email, so encrypting email is out, so we're looking at using Shared OneDrive directories.  However, because of that custom policy, some files are blocked.

    Rather than disabling the entire policy for two weeks, is there a way to exclude specific individuals and/or directories in OneDrive during audit so the auditors can gain access to the information they need without lifting the restrictions for the rest of the company?

    Just FYI, we are a small company - under 150 people and we are just starting to convert the org over to 365, so we're still pretty new to the whole thing.

    Feel free to point this to the correct forum if this isn't the right place.

    Thanks in advance.

    Sunday, November 15, 2020 5:13 PM

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