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    It appears that machines that have been joined to the domain are unable to connect (or join) a Live Meeting events hosted by other clients.  Regular Live Meetings and the test Live Meeting (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=90703) work fine. 

    What's interesting is that an identical system that has not been joined to the domain works.  This sort of confirms its some GPO setting that's putting the kibosh on it.  Like most we've got loads of GPO's and after running a "gpresult /r" & reviewing the output, I'm not seeing an obvious setting that could be causing this issue.

    We are running OCS 2007 and we do have a GPO that applies specific settings, but again I don't see a setting that would break Live Meeting.

    The following Office Communicator settings are set to enabled

    • Allow hyperlinks in instant messages
    • Disable email comparison check for Outlook PIM integration
    • Disable PC-to-PC Video
    • Disable RCC Forwarding
    • Launch Microsoft Office Communicator Tour
    • Specify transport and server (Internal: OCS.server:5061; External: OCS.server; Transport: TLS)
    • Telephony Mode (2 = RCC Enabled)

    The following Office Communicator settings are set to disabled

    • Disable Audio/Video Conferencing
    • Disable Call Presence
    • Enable/disable automatic archiving of IM conversations to Outlook mailbox
    • Show notifications for new presence subscribers

    We have no settings defined in any of our GPO's for Live Meeting.

    Next up I enabled tracing (http://ocsguy.com/2009/10/08/troubleshooting-live-meeting/) and reviewed the logs (785 lines!) and there appears to be a possible DNS issue.  I don't understand why but I see it trying to connect to sip, sipinternal & sipexternal.ourdomain.com. Is that the issue?  If we're connecting to someone else's Live Meeting, why is it trying to do that?

    For what its worth, Live Meeting is not something we use here so we don't have a server.

    I attempted to attach the 'LiveMeeting-uccp-0.uccplog.log' but I received a "Body must be 4 to 60000 characters long." error.  Needless to say I didn't bother including the pwconsole-debug log here either.

    Because the log files are so lengthy, my hand was forced to stick them on Pastebin.

    Click here to see the LiveMeeting-uccp-0.uccplog.log
    Click here to see the pwconsole-debug10.txt

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  • Although it doesn't make any sense to me, I added some CNAME records for sip, sipinternal & sipexternal that point to our OCS server.  After DNS propagated, I attempted to join 2 different meetings but got a different error from above:

    "Join Error
    An error occured verifying the server's certificate.  For more information, please contact the server administrator." 

    KB939802 says "This issue occurs because the computer that is hosting the Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 attendee does not have the correct certificate in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store. This certificate must be signed by the same certification authority that provides the Web server and the certificate to the server that is running Microsoft Office Communications Server Standard Edition or to the Microsoft Office Communications Server Enterprise Edition pool."

    I'm not sure I'm reading/understanding what that says:

    1. Does our workstation need one of their certs?
    2. Does their server need one of our certs?
    I know for a fact that others attendees are not having this problem and, as previously mentioned, machines that aren't connected to our domain (or are excluded from our GPO's) work fine.  But other than setting the DNS name or IP address of the internal and external server OCS, I don't understand what needs to happen here.


    So I'm still left with questions:

    1. Why does Live Meeting require sip/sipinternal/sipexternal to resolve if I'm connecting to someone else's meeting?
    2. What GPO settings should I be looking at?  I'm not seeing anything obvious that could be breaking it.
    3. Is it a configuration item on our OCS or their OCS or their Live Meeting server?


    Many thanks again!

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    I think it will be more appropriate to post this question to the OCS forum:






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  • Thanks for the response.

    The link you posted takes me to the "OCS Setup & Deployment" forums but it says:

    "This forum is being archived. Please DO NOT POST HERE. Instead, visit http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/ocsplanningdeployment/threads"


    No chance of having this moved (administratively) huh?


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