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  • I am working on sharepoint online team site collection. and we are planning to add Keywords management for all our document libraries using Term Store.

    Now I want to arrange the term sets in a way that can facilitate re-usability and maintainability, So I did the following :-

    1. we have a General term set, this term set contain general terms for all the document libraries,regardless of the department, as follow:-

    enter image description here

    1. then for each department (HR, Finance, Sale, etc) we have a set of terms that are specific to each department, for example the HR term set will be as follow:-

    enter image description here

    Now i do not want to re-create the general terms inside the HR term set, instead of that i have Pin the General term set's terms inside the HR term set using the "Pin Term with Children" option, as follow:-

    the result will be as follow:-

    enter image description here

    so now if i want to add a new finance term set, i can create its specific term set and terms, then i can Pin the general term set inside it. Also if i want to add a new term inside the general term set, the modification will be automatically reflected inside the HR + finance which is great. Second point, i chose the Pin option instead of Reuse, so that adding/removing terms inside the general term set will get reflected inside the departments' term sets + modifying the general term set's terms (such as deleting or renaming) can only be done from the general term set and not from the department term sets.

    Now since i am going to implement this across all our site collections, so can anyone adivce if my above appraoch is valid? and if there is a better appraoch to manage my term sets and terms?

    Any advice will be highly appreciated.

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  • Hi,

    Yes, you can use the Pin term with Children to recreate the term.

    If you want to use the General term in your other group, you can use the methods provided by you to create.

    Best Regards,

    Carl Zhou

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    Tuesday, May 22, 2018 9:27 AM