Directory Synchronization Unhealthy Notification


  • Hi Expert,

    Recently I recieve email from Microsoft Online Services regarding Directory Synchronization Unhealthy Notification. This is second time i encounter this problem. Last time i resolved this issue with retype credential of an account with administrator permissions for Microsoft Online Service Directory Synchronization. After 2 weeks the problem same occured. Normally the directory will synhronize less than 24 hours. 


    Below is the information i get from Microsoft Online Service Portal.

    Active Directory® synchronization: Deactivate | Set up | Last synced more than 3 days ago | Learn more

    Manage external contacts in Exchange Online: Learn more
    My Environment:
    Exchange Version: Office 365 (Microsoft Exchange 2010)
    Phyisical Server : 2 host Domain Controller located in my Headquarters. (Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard)
                              1 host Directory Sync Server (Windows Server 2008 Standard x32)
                              1 host Message OPS server (Windows Server 2008 Standard)
    I realize that Directory Sync Server not able to Sync to Exchange Online since 3 days ago. 
    Please Advice,
    Friday, January 27, 2012 4:00 AM