LiveMeeting output "fit to screen" for participants with differing monitor sizes and resolutions


  • This question was asked three years ago:

    “If someone is sharing their desktop, and I am viewing, I see there is an option to fit to page or full screen. However, fit to page and zoom controls are grayed out and full screen doesn’t automatically resize the contents so your faced with scrolling up/down or left/right to see what the presenter is doing.

    We have lots of people on different size screens (some 22” wide, 17”, 19”, etc..) so it’s very difficult to have everyone change to 1028x768.

    Other meeting software allowed resizing of the screen dynamically to fit to screen. “

    The response at that time was:

    “By default, you can use the “Fit to Page” button when the presenters have uploaded some files or shared some contents. But not all the contents sharing allow you use the “Fit to Page” button. For example, if the presenter shares a poll page, text page or web page, you will see the “Fit to page” button turns to grey. When the presenter shares a program or desktop, the button will also turn to grey. So it depends on what kinds of content the presenter wants to share.”

    While a complete and correct answer, it does nothing to address the apparent failing in LiveMeeting. This is a big problem, as one cannot always get every user to adjust their monitor sizes / resolution to be the same. (Older computers, widescreen monitors, etc can prevent this).

    When will LiveMeeting add this feature, so that some users of LiveMeeting don't have to be continuously scrolling the available window back and forth, up and down to see al the available share content?

    As other “meeting” applications can provide this function today, it does make LiveMeeting somewhat old fashioned, and less useful than its competitors.

    Thanks for any feedback toward resolution that you can provide.


    Clay Farrow

    Thursday, March 29, 2012 8:02 PM

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    I am afraid you may provide the feedback to MS by contacting the support engineer via:




    Tuesday, April 03, 2012 7:02 AM
  • This did not address the question.  Is it still, three years later, not possible to have the viewers see your whole screen or whole window?  Thanks.
    Wednesday, May 02, 2012 4:10 PM