Replaced my Desktop with a new one, now cannot use the same win7 auth code


  • How to I authenticate my new desktop if I was at 3/3 with my home premium. The old desktop was taken apart for my new build and now I cannot specify which 3 computers are my mains, in other words it keeps telling me to validate and I can't. Now I'm basically being blasted with fear tactics notifying me that my computer is not protected and I won't receive updates. Kaspersky allows you to easily log into there site disable the computer no longer being used and then validate the new one. Is there anything like this that can be done? I'm not going to buy another license when I already paid for my 3 use home premium windows 7. Please advise.
    Wednesday, July 03, 2013 10:48 PM

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  • Called the help desk and asked how to retrieve my old computers product key since i had the retail version of 7 Home Premium (3 user). I used the command line instructions from another page and I just wanted to post instructions for anyone else looking to answer my same question.

    In the cmd line you can enter 

    SLMGR.VBS -IPK <product Key #>  *You don't have to add any dashes or spaces, but this will enter your product key number or change the existing one

    SLMGR.VBS -ATO     *This will go ahead and validate your product key

    SLUI.EXE 4  *This sets you up to validate, select the by phone option and enter your country. The automated system will ask for the long set of numbers given to you on the screen to be entered but I just made it mad until it asked if I wanted to be transferred to a representative. 

    But you don't have to use the command line you can just go into START, right click on my computer, PROPERTIES, at the bottom of the window is the change product key option. You will need to use the SLUI.EXE command to get the proper phone number for your country.

    Once I was on the phone with my rep, I explained my old comp died and I needed to transfer my product key. All they did was generate another key for me and boom activated. They key was sent to my email address as well. At first I was mad but thanks MS for the easy fix. But please make it easier to find the info. Hope this helps someone.

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