"search mailbox" fails in OWA


  • A faculty member reports that beginning on Thursady or Friday (Feb 9 or 10) he was unable to search his inbox.  I had seen a similiar problem about 6 months before.  I granted myself access to his account, opened it, and performed a search for the mail I had sent him a few minutes earlier (and that was perhaps the second from the top of the Inbox).  I finally had to stop the search.  I performed a similiar search for another piece of mail with the same results.  I have opened a tracking ticket with MS on this, but thought I should ask if others have seen this and how it had been resolved.  One of my colleagues thought there was a Powershell script that could force reindexing of a mailbox, but did not have it and thought you guys would be a good resource in this case. 

    Any help is appreciated, thanks.  This is a Live @ EDU question.

    --Joe Kelley

    Monday, February 13, 2012 7:32 PM