Problem with welcome email adding a space to the username RRS feed

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  • When Exchange Online sends users a welcome email letting them know their account is setup there is a SPACE at the end of their email address.  If they copy and paste this name out of a webpage using IE7 or through Outlook 2007 the space is copied as well.  This causes their logon to fail unless they manually delete the space.  I can't even imagine how may helpdesk calls this will generate if I try to convert 7000 users to this service.

    Thursday, November 19, 2009 4:14 PM


  • Yeah, I can see how that would be a problem.  However, I would probably not use the welcome email as the method to notify users they have been migrated for a migration of that size.  There are some recently released powershell commands such as set-msonlinepassword which I typically use in conjuction with a script to set the users passwords and notify them they have been migrated.   In one case we set the the first part of the password to be consistent across the entire company, but last portion of the password was the last 4 of their Social Security Number.  They had the SSN information in an HR database, and this way we didn't have to send passwords in email.  Lots of different ways to do it, just have to figure out which is best for your environment. 

    Hopefully this gives you some ideas,

    Friday, November 20, 2009 2:27 AM