Exchange Online migration without Directory Sync and SSO and importing data from local pst files RRS feed

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  • Q:  Is there a way to do a cutover migration of an Exchange 2003 server to Exchange Online without using SSO and without installing or using Microsoft Online Services Directory Synchronization tool?

    It seems to be indicated here (in the Caution box):

    We want to avoid installing directory sync for a variety of reasons but primarily due to some possible conflicts with other deployed servers within the domain hence the reason to also avoid SSO.  This would basically leave us doing the migration solely to import non-archived mail, contacts, calendars, etc.   

    Is it also possible to import data to Exchange Online from archived local .pst files outside of a standard migration and if so would this be solely limited to email or can other data types (contacts, etc.) also be imported? 

    Also, does Exchange Online support importing data from Outlook for organizations who don’t use Exchange but simply use POP accounts?  If so are there are limitations on what versions of Outlook are supported?


    Thursday, October 6, 2011 7:24 PM