Send email from a website using a domain and an address that is registered with BPOS RRS feed

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  • We outsourced the creation and maintenance of our corporate website to an outside company which now hosts it on its own server.

    The website has an ecommerce section which needs to send emails to one of our malign lists (in this case We use a mailing list because it allows redirecting the information more easily to whole the team in charge of sales and shipments.

    The problem is that I would like the mail sent from our website to show our own domain (the one we use with BPOS): currently we are having problems with our SMTP server and our contractor asked me if we could use the one provided by BPOS.

    My questions are:

    ·     Is anyone dealing with a similar problem and how did you go about it?

    ·     Can I use SMTP to send mail from a distribution list address (not a user)? Do I need to use the credentials of a person who can send as the mailing list (not on behalf of)?

    ·     How would you go about the problem that the password will expire every 3 months (would you create a special user whose password does not expire?)?

    Thank you for your suggestions

    Wednesday, March 16, 2011 2:06 PM


  • A few thoughts.

    First, having the website try and use the BPOS SMTP server to send mail out, probably won't work.  The Microsoft Online SMTP server has too many restrictions around what is required to send mail out, so it's unlikely that it would work.  For the full story, you can check out:

    Just to clarify one point, does the website need to be able send email to both external customers, such as and internal people,  If it only needs to send to, then it's easier.

    I don't know what problem you are currently facing with your current configuration, but typically the hoster has their own SMTP service, which would make this much easier.  They could then easily set the From address as a Distribution List and it would go out no problem.  When user's reply, it would be routed to Microsoft Online, and as long as the Distribution List is setup to allow External Senders, the mail will be accepted and delivered to the members of the group.

    Hopefully that helps a little. 


    Chad Mosman, MessageOps |
    Wednesday, March 16, 2011 6:02 PM