Can't Install the Sign-in Assistant for Office 365, no download link on page, keeps erroring when trying to install


  • Signed up for Office365 Pro,  installed and setup my outlook, word, etc.  Now i get a pop up asking for me to install the sign-in assistant.    It tries and tries and eventually fails and directs me to MS page with info on how to obtain the sign in assistant.  Well the problem is that the page DOES NOT HAVE A LINK TO INSTALL IT.  It says "to install, click here" there is NO link..    So i either need an actual link to manually download the sign in assistant, or have MS add the link to the page.. which i doubt will happen in a timely fashion.

    Anyone out there that can help, i will be very thankful!


    Tuesday, January 17, 2012 4:29 PM

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